Wednesday, October 15, 2014

31Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 15 - Midway Point

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I'm calling it!  Today marks the midway point of the 31 Days challenge.  Let's take stock of the series.

I have given a lot of stuff away.  I even went back to my closet after the clothing purge post and added two more items (including one I had been saving for sentimental reasons) to the giveaway pile.

Most of the donations have made it to a thrift store.  One item is going to a family member.  Another item is due to be listed on a Facebook garage sale site, but I am getting twitchy about it sitting around.  I need to list it on the site this week or donate it.

Sometimes, I wonder about how much money I could've made selling things instead of giving them away.  Then, I remind myself that gifts need to be given, and it's mostly not worth the trouble of resale.  

There are too many toys on the toy shelves.  I think it's time to include my kids on the purging. 

Sorry for bad phone photo!

My empty bin pile is big!  (There will be no donating of the bins.  Hahaha!)

It's still been difficult finding time to consolidate items and see the negative space I am creating.  I look forward to that.  That's fun!  

I still have not gone through my college papers.  There's one medium-ish, clear bin of file folders full of papers.  I am also avoiding a bin of high school/college memorabilia.  

Empty shelf!

Ah, I just thought of something: without seeing the contents of the bins, name something that you know you want to keep.  

I can think of one thing.  One.  I want the paper I worked on for my Adolescent Literature class in which the professor encouraged graduate studies in the subject.  That meant a lot to me.  That's all I can think of.  I think I will challenge my husband with this question as well.  

If that's all I can think of to save, what does that say about the rest of the things I've saved?  (I talked about this with childhood things, too.)


  1. I am going through papers related to my training to be a coach. I have attended dozens of webinars and seminars and, being a great student, have copious notes. Why do I need all of that stuff? If it was worth remembering or putting into practice, haven't I used it already? So today's the day. I've already gone through three notebooks. Wanna come help with the rest?

    1. I'm coming right over, Shelby! :-) Seriously though, why do I (we) hold onto papers? Is it a little bit of information hoarding? Maybe it's a way of holding onto the great energy we feel in the classes/seminars. I like this question: "If it was worth remembering or putting into practice, haven't I used it already?" So true!! I can *remember* the true gold nuggets of certain subjects. Don't need them written down. If I do, I could do so digitally. Thanks for the good thoughts!