Sunday, October 19, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 19 - Room to Pack in Some Play

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It's Day 19 of the 31 Days Series, and I decided to start naming the posts because I can't remember what day I got rid of what thing.  

It is another day of not having the post scheduled in advance, and here I am at 2.5 hours out from Day 20.  

I asked my husband not long ago tonight what he thought we should declutter.  I have been asking him more and more because it's getting tougher to find stuff. (Though, really, I haven't touched the attic yet.)

We sat.  We thought.  He offered this thought:

"What about the Pack-n-Play?"

Well, now.  This is serious.  What about the Pack-n-Play, Husband?

He reminded me of how it just sits there in our bedroom, filled with pillows and blankets, teasing the three-year-old who wants to get inside but shouldn't.  It's packed with stuff all right, but it's not packed with play.  Or a baby.  In fact, it pretty much never has been used by a baby.  Okay, rarely.  We have had it out for each kid, but it really isn't used enough to warrant keeping it.

It held clothes for my most recent baby.

One of us pointed out that we wouldn't use it for any future babies either.

It takes up a lot of visual space.

Boo-yah!  There it is, folks!  Right when we thought we wouldn't have much to offer today, we get all radical and get rid of something fairly large and important to many (though not apparently us).  High five to the Hubs.

Where are we going to put all the pillows and blankets now?

Do you have a baby item that you never really used?  Tell me about it in the comments.

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