Friday, October 17, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 17

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It's Day 17.  I am cutting it close to the wire again with two hours before Day 17 is over!

My husband and I went down into the basement, and I felt like I was grasping for straws.  We poked around for a while, and he finally found this tub full of:


Folks, I obviously had (have?) a problem.  I believe this is my third major haul of glass items.

You can read about the first haul.

And here's a picture of the third haul.  Oh, my goodness.

This is actually the fourth lot of glass!  For the love of all that's holy! I wasn't even remembering things correctly until I looked at the pictures.

I love the latched jar the most.  I'm leaning towards keeping the Ball jars.  I like the metal-lidded square jars for their design, but I don't know where to use them. I can't have glass out as toy storage or art supply storage.  

I keep thinking to myself that I could keep them until my kids are older.  But, golly, that is a long way away.  If I loved the jars so much, why didn't I have them out?

I asked my husband what he thought we should do with everything.  He said the pumpkin was cute.  I said we didn't have anywhere to put it.  He concurred.  

All of it is going except for the latch jar.

That really has to be it now in the glass department, right?

Comfort me in the comments.  Tell me why I had so many glass jars/vases/holders/decorative items in my basement.  Some of them were from our wedding, but still....!


  1. I admire your declutter mission!
    I do use glass Masson jars for pens, pencils, markers and such. We have only broken 1 in the two years they have been in use.

    1. Thank you, Katrina! That's encouraging about the mason jars. I fear something like that getting bopped and smashed to smithereens. Or dropped on the baby's head! Glad it's working for you- the jars are so cute! Thanks for commenting! :)