Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 10

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Well, look at that!  We are in the double digits of 31 days!  One-third of the way there.

Yesterday, I gave you a sneak peek at what I am working on for today:

And I almost didn't pull through for today.  I almost decided to purge something else because the glass vases involved two bins, lots of pulling and putting away, and heavy lifting.  I carried on, though, made the decisions and put the saved pieces back away.

Here's what I was dealing with:

Lovely pieces.  You might agree.  I just don't have much use for glass these days. I've already mentioned that I don't have much flat space available, and if I did, I wouldn't use it for a vase that could shatter into thousands of pieces.  I don't need the anxiety, holy cow! :)  (I have three children six and under.)

Love this one's design.  Hope you make it to someone else's home and make it lovely.

I should've kept this by my bed as a weapon.  

My husband and I talked about this one for a while.  I approached him about letting this stuff go, and he was very supportive.  He casually mentioned keeping a thickly-cut vase, and I realized eventually that he meant this one.  He said it was nice.  I agreed.  I asked if he would walk into a store today and buy it.  He thought for a second and said let it go.  I'm getting some mileage out of that question!

I kept the two tall, cylindrical vases, one brandy glass, and the Ball mason jar.  

The fish bowl got packed up for donating and the odd kind-of fluted (?) piece on the right.

I really wasn't sure exactly what I would keep when I went to work on this purge, but it seems just right.  I would buy the cylindrical vases.  I kept a brandy glass for fun because they were part of an awesome wedding centerpiece ten years ago:  apples in the brandy glass, wrapped caramels (you know, the Kraft kind) in little fishbowls, chopped nuts in another fishbowl, and little white caramel apple sticks artfully tied in a bunch arranged in a fun caramel apple centerpiece.  I think I added a fall wreath around the bottom of the brandy glass.  It was fun. :)

I ought to just give the whole plastic bin they are in to the charity shop, too, but I know I will be able to use it again.  

This was a good purge.  

Would you have kept more of the vases?   Less?  Do tell.

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