Friday, October 31, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 31 - Wrapping it Up

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How fun!  Here we are at the end of 31 Days of Letting Stuff Go.

This has been a great month full of letting go of stuff that wasn't blessing my family anymore, getting real about what we truly use, finding more negative space in different nooks and crannies of the house.  

I'm really pleased about what I let go of in the attic.  That was a lot of stuff for such a small space.  

I learned a really need a bookcase.  I'll be shopping for a pretty one soon, though I need to think long and hard about where it's going to go.

I didn't declutter any current paper files besides my college paper bin.  (Hey, that was a big one.)   I am very excited to try Susan C. Pinsky's suggestions for filing papers from her book Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD.  I am going to put almost every one of her paper suggestions in place for a test run.  The paper trays make the most sense to me.  Can't wait!  I'm pretty sure it will result in more purges!  I loved her book.

I've already forgotten about some of the things I've purged.  Ha!  I was fishing around in my posts for a particular link, and I saw the soap-making supplies from very early on.  Totally forgot about those already!  Excellent.  Must not have needed them too badly.  Maybe I'll finally try that box-it-up-and-date-it trick.  

I don't know if achieved what I originally set out for or not.  I'm curious what you think, if you've been reading along.  I definitely had a lot of posts in which I was thinking out loud about letting it go.  I had some decent before and afters.  (I love those!)  Did I let go of the next layer of stuff?  I think so.  I let go of so many things that had made the cut previously.  Made many cuts, when I think of it.  So, that's a win!  

There are even a few spots that didn't get hit by the purge, but that's okay because there are more days in the year.  I let something go every day this month!


Congratulations to all my fellow writers participating in the challenge.  I salute you.  I hope you had as much fun as me with your series.

Want more posts like mine?  Check out the Write 31 Days Simplicity and Organizing page.  

And before we go, here's one more purge.  These art drawers were bugging the heck out of me:

 Closest dresser to me, second and third from the top


Geez o' pete!

Oh, my goodness, that's better.

Might not look better to you, but I get it, at least.  :)

All done.

That was a lot purged.  Plenty of paper in the recycle bin.  I might play around (again) with location and real estate (does this item deserve to be in this drawer?), but this is much easier on the eyes.  A fun way to celebrate the end of 31 days!

Wishing you satisfactory before and afters.  And gratitude in the durings.

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