Wednesday, October 8, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 9

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A part of me doesn't think I am letting stuff go quickly enough, but my husband wondered how I could think that when I have to do this for 31 days straight. That's true, I thought.  Day 21 could be much harder than today.  

But I am letting go of things I routinely save during purges.  I guess it is just not feeling dramatic enough.  I thought it would hurt more, involve more waffling.  

Maybe it's not been quite too intense yet because I started thinking about what to get rid of before the series even started.  That's getting the mental work out of the way.

(That reminds me of Assortment blog and how their family put themselves in the mindset of packing for a week's vacation in order to figure out what to let go of before moving into their 665 square foot house.  Please do check out their story if you are not familiar with it.  Their blog on living with less is inspiring.)

So, I pulled ten or so items out of my closet for today's post without much fanfare.  In fact, it was ten or so items predominately from the left side of my closet, which is the lesser-used, keepsake side of the closet: wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, suits, dresses, and so on.

But what I've let go of, I have had for a while.  Here's a before of the left side:

It's okay.  Not horrible.

First, I came upon Urlacher.  He can stay.  Husband gets a big kick out of me wearing it on game day.  

I rarely buy animal/reptile print.  I've had this for probably fifteen years, and I still kept the black sheath it came with...good-bye, sheer overlay.  

I don't even like sheer clothing anymore.

This is from my dad's 50th birthday party.  He is now 60.  Love ya, Dad!  I gotta let this t-shirt go though.  (I have a great picture of myself wearing it with my security detail.)

I'm so tired of wearing this, and I feel guilty typing that out for all of the world to see.  I've had it for over ten years, no!  Fifteen.  Poor me!  I bought it in college and have been wearing it ever since.  Donate!  (It is Eddie Bauer and boy, did it hold up!  Quality.  Still nothing really wrong with it.)

If I ever need a new shell or blouse for my fancy interview suit, donating this one will force me to the store.  Why did I ever buy it?  Snore.

I kept a couple of wedding-related items like a t-shirt and the skirt I wore to the rehearsal dinner.  I could probably have given those away, too.

Here is the left side of the closet after I purged.  (I really need proper suit and formal wear storage bags.  Not the department store plastic bags!)

The before shot again, just for fun.  I should've removed the extra hangers.  I'm trying to switch to wood hangers anyway.  Does it look any different?  Taking out the hangers would have been more satisfactory.  More negative space-producing.  Maybe I can do that another day.


I pulled out two belts as well.  Not bad for a 15 minute purge session.  

Here's a sneak peek at what I'm working on for tomorrow:  

A big snifter of brandy!  

No, no.  No brandy.  Just a very large snifter.  It was part of an awesome centerpiece at our wedding ten years ago.  I have four of them and many other glass containers.  Too many.

Have you purged your closet lately?  Anything bite the dust?


  1. This is awesome. I have so many areas in my house that need purging and this post is inspiring me to get off the computer and start! (Or at least after I read a few more of your posts.) ;-)

    1. Haha! Read more may equal purge more! Go for it. Thanks for stopping by! :-)