Thursday, October 23, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 23 - Blanket Statement

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I think I counted fifteen blankets, two sleeping bags, and two kid-size tag blankets (you know, the no-sew kind).  And one comforter.

The red plaid has been a decent Christmas tree skirt for a nice, cabin-ish feel, but the walls are a different color now.  It's gotta go.

Then, my husband and I proceeded to have a rather surprisingly detailed conversation about which blankets to keep.  It went something like this:

Me: "The sports blankets are ugly.  They clash with the living room.  They belong in a basement family room.  The Bears one isn't even soft anymore."

Husband: "The Bears one is the one that's thinner."

Me: "But it's not pretty.  It doesn't match the room."  

Husband: (pause, just looks at me)

Me, sensing his panic at losing the sports blankets: "Can't we have blankets that match both of our temperature needs, decor, and cuddle factors?"

Husband:  "All right."

That was just a sampling of our conversation.  Who knew this would be one of the more intense decluttering conversations this month?  I learned some important things about what he looks for in a blanket.  He now understands my desire for visual order in a room.  Both of us can't stand the mountain of blankets that get shoved off to the side of the couch, topple over, and get thrown around.  (A new container for the blankets that remain will be purchased, whoo-hoo!)


-king-size, very soft dark brown blanket
-full-size, very soft cream-colored blanket
-throw-size, not-really-that soft, thin red blanket that Husband seems to like
because it's thin yet still provides an appropriate amount of warmth for him
-dark brown blanket with quilted pattern
-all no-sew tag blankets for kids
-red and tan no-sew tag blanket for van (cold weather prep! This is in addition to the three blankets I keep in the van for the kids.)

All other blankets are exiting the house.  Talk about first world problems.  

How do you like your blankets?  Knitted? Minky? Wool?

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