Tuesday, October 7, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 7

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I went into my closet today for a change of pace, and I was able to get rid of five pairs of shoes.  

I had a pair of dressier, heeled sandals that I'd forgotten was there.  I had one pair of heels with a lining so beaten up, I wondered why I still had them.

Two pairs of dark red shoes (I like that shade of red!), and one of them had the fake leather peeling off pretty badly.  

I thought I'd be giving some away because they didn't fit correctly, but truly, only one pair didn't fit: my theater character shoes.  I'm going to find a new, local owner for those because it can cost money to be in a community theater show.  Maybe a daughter of a friend can use them now.  Or someone new to the theater!  Either way, it's time for them, and their friends to leave the building.

I hope this is making a difference in the house.  It's hard to tell so far.  Get rid of any shoes lately?  The local church charity shop takes shoes for recycling, just like Goodwill.  I'm glad to have that option, too.

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