Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quick Lit - January 2015 (formerly Twitterature)

I finished one book this month.

I finished it on Christmas Eve morning, amidst the occasional howls and cries and jubilations of young children.

Still, it was fitting.

That book was:

There were lots of mentions of this book at Modern Mrs Darcy, and I was curious.  I'm so glad I read it!  The characters are extremely engaging; they just jump out of the page at you.  I don't know if I've found a more lovable girl than Swede since Anne Shirley.  (That's saying a lot!)  The main character is Reuben, and his inner monologue combined with his loyalty to his family made for a memorable brother.  The book gets a bit hazy somewhere in the middle, but I had to see the way this one turned out, so I kept on reading.  I can easily see why people were calling it their favorite book of all time.

What did you read this month?  Have you read this one?  Linking up with Modern Mrs Darcy for Quick Lit!