Tuesday, October 28, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 28 - Utility Drawer

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I am just not sure where to look to let stuff go.  I feel like I have hit all the big spots in our house.  There are little things here and there that could go.  I could round all of those up in one post, but I don't have a feeling of I must get to xyz.

Instead, I am going clean out a drawer because that's what is bugging me right now.  

It's a little messy, not too bad.  Still, a good cleaning is a good cleaning.


Sort: trash, office supplies, small home improvement supplies, foreign coins (not pictured).  Office supplies went to the office supply closet.

I was trying to be like the Petersiks from Young House Love.  They keep certain things upstairs in a kitchen drawer for easy access.  I think this is smart, but I have a new open bin of painting supplies downstairs on a shelf that is well-labeled.  I think I will utilize that for now.  I wasn't using these tools enough to warrant keeping them upstairs.  I am probably going to regret moving the screwdrivers downstairs.  My husband uses a large, several-gallon-bucket with a sorting insert for his tools that we keep in the basement as well.  I put the screwdrivers in that for now.

After.  The calculator doesn't fit into there very neatly, but this is a good place for it.  The dividers are bottoms of cardboard food containers like cereal boxes and one Goldfish box in the back.

That felt good to do.  Clean out any drawers lately?  

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