Saturday, October 25, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 25 - A Sharp Donation

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This is challenge is almost over!  Only 6 more days after today.  

I'd been wondering about today's donation for a while, but I hadn't approached my husband about it.  Today, I laid out my argument for letting it go, and he quickly agreed.  I thought it might be harder for him to let go of this, wasn't!

Behold, readers: a knife set.

Ask me what we use out of this.  I would tell you only the steak knives occasionally.  Sometimes, my husband uses the paring knife, but we have an identical one that we keep in a different cabinet.  So, it can go.  I don't like using that particular paring knife because it doesn't have a grip.  The stainless steel handle is not comfortable.  I like the OXO paring knife much better.

We mostly use a santoku knife, a round-nosed serrated knife, and paring knives. We will purchase a set of steak knives later that we can keep in a drawer.  We thought it would be best to leave the steak knives in this set with the set.

There you have it.  That took up a fair amount of space.  Gotta get it in the van!

Do you have a knife set like this one?  Do you use it?

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