Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 2

It is Day 2 of writing for 31 days with Nester of the Nesting Place.  I am posting later in the day today, but I will have something scheduled for early in the morning tomorrow!

Yesterday, I explained my thoughts about this series: the why of it all.  Today, it is time to dive into letting some stuff go.

Something on these shelves is leaving the house.  What will it be?

Is this typical for basement shelves?  

The grand prize winner was in the upper right hand corner of the shelving:

Ah, memories.  We used candy molds to make leaf-shaped chocolates at our wedding ten years ago this month!  I will enjoy the memory of those cute little bags of chocolate, but I will say good-bye to the molds.

White and dark chocolate!

Make a hollow chocolate pumpkin with a lid!

I could make lots of things with these molds, but I have entered a simpler phase of life with children.  I can execute a complex, algebraic function in my head that informs me of whether or not said activity is worthwhile. ;-) I held onto these throughout many, many decluttering sessions.  What is different today?  Having to find 31 days worth of stuff to let go of?  When I think about it, I know I haven't used these molds in a very long time.  I still have the double burner the kit came with, and I'll keep that.  My son noticed the box on the table and asked to make chocolates.....ouch!  Stay strong, woman!  The molds and the big box?

Verdict:  Good-bye, candy molds.  You were fun, but it's time to go!

What about you?  Get rid of any kitchen stuff lately?

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