Wednesday, October 8, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 8

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Today's purged item represents a common reason I hold onto things: repurposing or reusing or redecorating with them.

I have watched too many DIY shows and read too many DIY blogs.  I would see something like today's purged item and say, "But I could..." and "it just needs..." And you know, sometimes, I actually have repurposed something or spray painted it.  I usually don't though.  That stuff takes time.  It's fun.  It's creative.  I feel good about those projects (usually).  I'm just not always honest with myself about whether or not I'll actually complete them.

It was once a nice, antique green color, but I painted it (with paint I had on hand, I felt just like Sherry Petersik).   It didn't turn out quite right.  I had plans to try again with antique silver, maybe a rub and buff, but I'm letting this go now.  It's too darn heavy to put back on the mantel.  If my kids knocked this off, they'd get a serious concussion, if not worse.  I'm lucky that didn't happen while it was up!

It's okay to try, and it's okay to say good-bye.

Have you purged any DIYed items lately?  


  1. It really is hard to let some of that stuff go. I'm writing a list and setting myself a deadline for some to the repurposing items. If I don't use it over the Christmas season, I'll get rid of it. I think it helps to know I have a baby coming in March - more motivation to get stuff out of the house!!

    1. I've never thought of a list! Maybe I would remember what I have and hup to it a little faster. Christmas is a reasonable deadline, especially with the fresh New Year after it. Congratulations on your baby! My second trimester has been the big period of purging and nesting for me. Some helpful biology there!! All the best! :)