Monday, October 13, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 13

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I thought about letting go of these earlier in the month, but of course, I kept thinking about attaching them to something for a table.  I have had these for a while.  It is obviously not happening.

I have been debating selling them, too, as they were a purchase and not a gift.  It is way easier to drop off stuff than it is to sell something online though.

I am getting anxious to start consolidating more things in our basement.  It will be much more ordered once we put more like things with like things.

Good-bye to the project that once was.  I can always go to the store and buy more if I ever get really serious about making a table.  And, truthfully, I was never a big fan of these legs.  Never quite the shape I really liked.

Another DIY project is humbly let go.  What bit the dust for you this weekend?  Unload anything at the thrift store?

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