Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 4

Hello and welcome back to my 31 Days series: 31 Days of Letting Stuff Go.  Thank you, Nester, for hosting this fun challenge.

The front seat of my van is getting full, folks.  I am so pleased.  I feel lighter!  If you've been following from the beginning, you would see what I mean.  Go check out my landing page for the series and catch up on the first few days.

I scrounged my basement shelves again looking for something tough to give away. This one wasn't tough, but it had passed through several decluttering sessions unscathed.  I used to have so many fall/Halloween decorations.  Many of them got washed away in a flood several years ago (which didn't really bother me).


I've been holding onto these pieces of fall decor because I like them, and I thought I could spray paint the wooden candle holder.  You know....make it work. But I never did it.

Plus, I've never really had a place to put the wood piece.  My flat surface areas are prime real estate, and I usually don't want decorative things on them.  (And the wooden candle holder is fairly large, don't know if you can tell when looking at the picture.)  I have used the gourd on the mantel, and I still could since it is not heavy or breakable.  I have a new fall/winter policy of only using decorative items that decompose: fresh decorations all around!  No need to store!

So, these things can go.

I had a little mental back and forth for this purge, but it wasn't as bad as yesterday's.  Whew!  My husband accompanied me to the basement, though, and teased me accusingly about the gourd:

"You could make a birdhouse out of the gourd!"

I'd thought he was serious at first.  (!!!)

But he'd caught up on the blog and was giving me good-natured junk.

He also posed Iron Man for me on a box we were questioning:

"This box may be going, but Iron Man is stayin' alive." - dear husband

I almost put this box out for donation, too, but then, I thought: "Nester has a whimsical disco ball in her house!!"

Sigh.  Onward.

Do you hoard holiday decorations?  How many boxes of fall decor do you have?  Or is Christmas  your downfall?

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