Saturday, October 11, 2014

31 Days of Letting Stuff Go - Day 11

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Holy cow, you guys.

There was more glass.

I meandered around the basement trying to find something to give away, and I started to notice the empty or almost empty bins I needed to consolidate. Somewhat sidetracked, I poked into one bin and discovered the above vases!

More glass!  After all that glass yesterday.  

I brought the vases upstairs for the picture, sussed out that I wanted to keep the milk jug vase on the left, and went to put it under the sink with the vases I keep handy.  (As if I'm often bringing in buds for the vases, haha.)

Under the sink was this:

I tell you no lie.  That was all under the sink.  All of it!  Somehow, it fit.

I kept the three on the left plus the little vase in front.  The column vase went downstairs in storage, and the milk jug vase and three other keepers went under the sink.

I should go cut off of branch of leaves like Nester and put it in the house.  Just because I can.  But I won't because I don't want it to fall off of something and whack a kid in the head.

I need a plastic vase.

Today, I am giving thanks for my two day vase intervention.  Geez, Louise!

Do you hoard vases like I did?  Do you need an intervention? ;-)

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