Saturday, November 15, 2014

Twitterature - November 2014

I only read one book this past month, but it was 841 pages long.  It was Stephen King's 11/22/63.  It was $2.99 when I bought it in July for the Kindle, and it is still $2.99 for that format.  I thought it was wise to go ahead and purchase this one because I did not want to lug around such a large book.  Nursing a baby and holding a honker like this book can't mix well.

I was intrigued by the glowing reviews, premise, and $2.99 price tag.  The narrator wasn't very endearing, though he probably wasn't supposed to be; I didn't care for him much until well into the novel.  The book rides on mostly the plot, not deeply realized characters.  That's okay.  It was a good ride, engrossing at the end, but the book took a long time to get where it was going.  I don't know if I'd actually recommend it.  If it were a few hundred pages shorter, it might be easier to recommend.  You might really enjoy it if you are already a Stephen King fan, a JFK assassination theorist, or history buff.  Maybe nostalgia is a positive factor for a lot of readers.  I'm sure that day was a pivotal day for many living during Kennedy's years as president.  Despite the fact that I stuck with the book, I just can't shake this feeling that I could've been reading something else.  #timetravel #JFK

What have you been reading this month?  Did you read this one?  As usual,  I am linking up with Modern Mrs Darcy for her Twitterature linkup.  Go check it out for lots of great book recommendations for your list!


  1. Congratulations on finishing it! I read it last year and LOVED it. I have a theory that King's protagonists are extensions of how he sees himself. This theory is based on all two of the King novels I've read. ;)

    1. Ha! I wondered that, too. King and Jake were/are high school teachers. That's as far as my analysis goes though. :) I've only read It and Carrie, otherwise. Thanks for stopping by to comment!